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More Pictures of Our S&C Facility

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The weather’s beautiful here and I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, so I figured I’d take a few pictures of the old S&C facility before it gets moved (news forthcoming on this, I promise).

Power Cage in our Strength and Conditioning Facility

Here’s most of our equipment that our baseball players use frequently:

Baseball-Specific Equipment

Equipment List

  • Medicine Balls: 10 lb (link), 4 kg (SPARQ Football Standard – link), 3 kg (SPARQ Baseball Standard – link), 4 lb (link), 3 lb pliable ball (link)
  • Two 45 lb. plates
  • Dumbbells: 5 lb pair, 20 lb pair
  • Wrist Weights: 10 lb pair (link), 5 lb pair (link)
  • Weighted Baseballs (link)
  • Foam Roller (link)
  • SPRI Resistance Bands (link)
  • Jumpstretch Band (link)

Sample Offseason Workout - High School Baseball

Small Whiteboard at our S&C Facility (red: 1RM, black: working sets)

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