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Sequencing the 95 MPH Delivery

In Hacking the Kinetic Chain, we’ve developed a system that has evolved over six years of research and development and took over two years to fully write. Unlike other products, we do not shy away from the reality that all other “gurus” ignore – developing elite-level velocity and staying healthy is hard. In Hacking the Kinetic Chain, we outlined the 12-step mechanical model that illustrates and describes the 95+ MPH delivery, and today’s giveaway is that sequencing chart.

(Click the image for larger size)

The pitching delivery is broken up into three main groups and twelve subgroups, and they are:
Lower Half






As you can see in the chart above, some subgroups have overlap while others do not. This is a 178 frame analysis of Trevor Bauer’s pitching mechanics, who averaged over 95 MPH and touched 99+ MPH in the big leagues in 2014. Images of the various conventional stages of the delivery are provided for […]

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Trevor Bauer on Pitch Design and Advanced Concepts of Pronation

Here’s a few videos worth checking out on pitch design by Trevor Bauer, as well as really delving deep into understanding what pronation is, by yours truly:

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How to Efficiently Change Your Pitching Mechanics

Recently someone asked me a question that I get fairly frequently:
I see a lot of strength, conditioning, and training videos and articles on your site, but not a lot about mechanics. Do you teach mechanics in your Elite Velocity Development program?
I have mixed reactions to questions along these lines – one being confusion; certainly I’ve written quite a bit about pitching mechanics on this site – some of our more popular articles are:

Elbow Injuries and What Causes Them (bonus Stephen Strasburg content)
Strasburg, The Inverted W, and Pitching Mechanics
Reviewing the NPA Velocity “Holds”
Disconnected Pitching Mechanics – A Good Thing?

Additionally, there may not be another person or organization out there that pushes the boundaries of cost-effective and applicable motion capture out there than Driveline Baseball. We now have eight high-speed cameras (four that record in a central video server and four standalone cameras), and the whole point of a comprehensive video analysis […]

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Why We Don’t Teach Equal and Opposite (Or a Firm Front Side)

There are a lot of over-simplified cues when it comes to pitching mechanics in the hopes of making the art of throwing 90+ MPH with precision a simple task. Obviously this isn’t the case, considering how few people can actually do this, despite a massively growing industry of pitching instruction and coaching.

As far as we’re concerned, universal cues range from cute and worthless to terrible and worthless. There simply aren’t any good universal cues that involve positioning the body in specific areas and spaces, because not everyone has the same proprioceptive system. No two pitchers feel the same way about throwing a baseball, and no two pitchers have identical anatomical structures.

Let’s talk about two major cues that we’ll never use, and why.
Equal and Opposite
So first of all, the idea that pitchers that throw hard and throw strikes have equal and opposite arms can be immediately discredited by this image:

This is […]

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Pro Baseball Summit (2013) Review

Last week we had a handful of our pro clients in the facility to learn about how we’re using high-speed video, two types of weighted ball training, and a new mechanical model on pitching. It was a huge success and a ton of fun, and our high school clients got to work out alongside of guys like Trevor Bauer, Jack McGeary, and Ryan Chapman to get their input as well:

We shot TONS of high-speed video of our drills and exercises, including wrist weight work:

TAP ball throws with mechanical cueing and drills for increased efficiency:

And lots of studying of the video afterwards!

I couldn’t be more happy with how it all went down, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year! We hope you’ll join us and learn a lot more about mechanical efficiency, durability, training, and tons of other topics that I’ll talk about in my Driveline Baseball Elite Velocity […]

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Pro Baseball Summit, New Underload Baseball Record, Seminar Dates, Mariners’ Scout Team, and Wireless EXG Sensors – MaxVelo News

I’m going to try to make these posts a little more frequently since the 2013-2014 offseason is here, which means tons of action. Let’s get to it!
Pro Baseball Summit
Driveline Baseball will be hosting the first annual Pro Baseball Summit at our facility in SeaTac, WA from September 15th-21st. This seminar/group work session is open to all current professional pitchers, pitching coaches, and athletic trainers attached to a professional baseball organization. We will be covering a wide variety of topics, including – but not limited to:

Pitching Mechanics
Strength and Conditioning
Rotator Cuff Training
EXG Sensor Measurements – Muscle, Heart, and Brain Measurements (more on this later)
Command/Control Training
Velocity Development

If you are interested in attending, please contact Kyle Boddy for more information.

Confirmed attendees include Trevor Bauer (Cleveland Indians), Jack McGeary (Boston Red Sox), and Michael Boyden (Washington Nationals), with many other invites pending.
New Underload Baseball Record!
Resident flamethrower Julian Archuleta (Peninsula HS, 2015) hit 109 MPH on […]

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Recapping the 2013 Santa Clarita ThrowZone Seminar

Last week I was privileged enough to join two excellent speakers – Jim Wagner (ThrowZone) and Kenny Kallen (Velocity Sports) – in beautiful Santa Clarita, CA to talk about pitching. We had an excellent turnout, and the Velocity Sports location worked out perfectly.

We also had a considerable hands-on portion, which the athletes loved. We demonstrated a ton of drills and methods that will be in my upcoming velocity development book, including:

Step-Behind Weighted Baseball Maximum Intensity Throws
Wall Momentum Drills
Pivot Throws
Deep-Squat Reverse Throws
Advanced Rebounder Throws

I met a lot of athletes who kept in touch with me after the seminar, and I look forward to following the progress of the many pitchers who came out to hear Jim, Kenny, and I speak.

Afterwards, I went to see the world-famous ThrowZone to see where pitchers like Trevor Bauer and Cody Buckel worked out, and it didn’t disappoint!

If you live in the southern California area, you […]

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The Facts Behind Long Toss

Long toss has become a hotly-debated topic as it pertains to training baseball pitchers and position players alike. Popularized by Alan Jaeger, recent proponents of “extreme” long toss include 2011 MLB draft standouts Trevor Bauer and Dylan Bundy, who both have no problem getting the ball out there 300+ feet on a regular basis:

If you don’t know what long toss is or need a refresher course, I highly suggest consuming all of what Alan Jaeger has to say about the topic. You can find any number of videos explaining it, but this one is a nice summary of his methods:

The question on everyone’s mind seems to be: Is long toss safe and effective for developing pitching velocity? We’ll try to weigh in – along with our criticisms of how long toss is seen by many players and coaches.
Is Long Toss Safe on the Arm? Does it Work?
Detractors of long toss […]

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How to Analyze Pitching Mechanics Without a Biomechanics Lab

There are a few writers and people out there who criticize me for talking about pitchers’ mechanics without having specific joint loads (kinetics), stating that it’s akin to “guessing” without any merit. Their claims that without a full biomechanical analysis (presumably using three-dimensional modeling), you can’t make any definitive statements about health and efficiency.

Well, as readers of this blog know, I am sympathetic to that argument – so much so, that I invested four years of my life (and many dollars) into building my very own biomechanics lab:

That’s the first iteration of our control object (which you need to film using multiple high-speed cameras to gain an anchoring position) at our old facility in North Seattle.

I’m no stranger to calculating the kinematics and kinetics of the pitching delivery, and I think I’ve learned a great deal by putting many pitchers through it. However, the idea that we must do this to […]

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Wrapping Up the 2012 Ultimate Pitching Coaches’ Boot Camp

I spent four days down in Montgomery, TX with 160+ pitching coaches from all ranks (pros, college, high school) and areas of the country to hear the following speakers talk about training baseball pitchers:

Ron Wolforth (Owner: Texas Baseball Ranch – Montgomery, TX)
Trevor Bauer (Professional Pitcher: Cleveland Indians)
Lee Fiocchi (Owner: Dynamic Sports Training – Houston, TX)
Ken Knutson (Pitching Coach: Arizona State University)
Brent Strom (Pitching Coordinator: St. Louis Cardinals)
Fred Corral (Pitching Coach: University of Memphis)
Chris Holt (Pitching Director: Pro Bound USA)
Doug White (Pitching Coach, Low-A: Houston Astros)
Eric Binder (Professional Pitcher: St. Louis Cardinals, many indy teams)

This lineup of speakers produced some amazing content – from the understanding of how Coach Knutson implemented concepts from The Athletic Pitcher into his college programs at the University of Washington and Arizona State University, to accelerated arm recovery by Lee Fiocchi, to unlocking the lower half by Trevor Bauer and Eric Binder, to advanced deceleration training methods by Coach Corral, […]

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