Youth Team Training

Driveline Baseball’s Youth Team Training program – is now available to the public. If your team needs a pitching coach and trainer who offers the following services that NO ONE else does:

  • Multi-camera synchronized video system to analyze pitching mechanics
  • High-speed cameras for a detailed look at your son’s throwing technique
  • Battle-tested arm durability system to bulletproof their arms
  • Documented velocity development system that safely and gradually increases their throwing speeds

Then you’ve found the right trainer – Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball.

Youth Training: Arm Durability


The Showtime Sports 11U team has seen their average velocities rise from the mid-50′s to the high-50′s with many clients throwing in the low-60′s – in just four weeks of training. Some of the kids came in complaining of bicep and elbow pain from starting their throwing program; after the Big Four circuit, none of them have issues with throwing and have completely healthy arms.

Most of all, they LOVE training here and many will continue throughout the season once per week in our soon-to-be-announced Youth Pitching Group.

You don’t have much time to waste – the off-season is ticking by fast. Contact us now for more information on how you can build truly elite youth pitchers.

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