Elite Pitcher Development

Driveline Baseball’s Elite Pitcher Development program – also known as MaxVelo – is the most comprehensive, complete, and well-researched pitching development program in the world. No other program validates their results using wearable computing sensors, multiple high-speed cameras, synchronized four-camera systems, and EMG sensors. Overboard? Maybe. But we’re on the cutting edge for a reason – we want to develop elite pitching talent.

Here’s some velocity improvement results from the 2012-2013 off-season training period:

Velocity Chart

MaxVelo Analysis

Velocity Results

From a study done on velocity development programs from the 2012-2013 baseball offseason, the MaxVelo group of trainees gained an average of 7.1 MPH over 12 weeks.

Note that this group included athletes that were already throwing 88 MPH, so it wasn’t just a group of guys throwing 65 MPH and making huge beginner gains. Our most dedicated client gained 17 MPH over 25 weeks.

The control group threw bullpens and worked out on their own without any particular direction. The basic group threw weighted baseballs and did a strict compound lifting program. The MaxVelo group threw two types of weighted baseballs, trained with wrist weights, did heavy lifts, used CNS-specific training, endured speed/agility training, and were exposed to cutting-edge training methods not found anywhere else.

Velocity Training

Coaches say that velocity can’t be developed. What they mean is that they can’t develop it. We’ve created multiple 90+ MPH arms – many in kids who were told they should just quit baseball because they didn’t have what it took to compete.

Below are the Arkansas State pitchers led by pitching coach Tighe Dickinson showing off the Driveline Elite Weighted Baseballs. Word on the street is that they got a couple guys throwing 95+ in the program. You’ll learn how they are using our program to develop big time velocity.

Arkansas State - Weighted Balls

Arkansas State – Weighted Balls

Here’s some of what you’ll do in our Elite Pitcher Program to develop arm strength and fastball velocity – advanced training concepts you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Weighted Baseball Training for both mechanical efficiency improvements and blistering jumps in fastball velocity
  • Strength Training to develop a stronger body to withstand the rigors of a long season
  • High-Speed Video Analysis to carve away mechanical constraints keeping you from throwing hard
  • Synchronized Four-Camera Video Analysis to delve deep into your pitching mechanics to keep you healthy
  • Mobility and Stability Drills to improve your range of motion, bulletproof your arm, and keep you feeling your best

Commanding the Baseball

Command and control aren’t developed through a series of checkpoints in a pitching lesson. Have you ever heard your coach say the following things?

  • Bend at the waist to get the ball down
  • Get to the balance point
  • Use a hand-driven arm swing
  • Don’t have a short arm action
  • Throw downhill
  • Nothing happens until footplant

Those are all pitching myths that have been routinely debunked using research.

Commanding the baseball comes through developing feel and improved efficiency of pitching mechanics. Velocity and command go hand in hand – what gives an improvement to one also helps the other. Using high-speed video and constant repetitions of proper drills will give you the ability to command the baseball to all parts of the zone, and the Elite Pitcher Program offers you the ability to do just that.

Art of Deception

Most other pitching coaches talk about deception and disguising your pitches based on hearsay and what their coaches told them when they were younger. Without putting too fine a point on it, they’re simply guessing. We don’t guess. Our research shows you how to upset a hitter’s timing using the Time Unit Theory of pitching.

Our high-speed cameras show you exactly what the hitter sees and how he perceives your pitches. Take a look at this side-by-side attack sequencing by one of our clients, shot in high-speed with overlay technology only found at Driveline Baseball. This pitcher has two attack sequences that cannot be detected by the hitter. Executed properly, the hitter will be reduced to guessing at what pitches are coming in a variety of tunnels.

Taylor Davis Tunnels

Does your coach offer this kind of insight to your pitches? We didn’t think so.

Testimonials - What Our Athletes Think of Us

“I met Kyle in December of 2012 while attending the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp at the Texas Baseball Ranch. I was impressed with his knowledge and love for research and have since been fortunate enough to spend 3 days training with him in Seattle. Besides being one of the best follows on Twitter, the knowledge I picked up from Kyle has and will continue to prove invaluable in my pursuit of becoming the best pitcher I can be. His understanding of what movement patterns and training modalities lead to a healthy and durable pitcher is truly world class.”

Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians, 3rd pick in the 2011 MLB Draft (UCLA, Golden Spikes Winner)

“The weighted ball program does so much more than add velocity – it’s a great opportunity to stretch out your arm and back of the shoulder. I notice a little extra life to my fastball, that little extra ride to miss a bat or even just miss a barrel. If we’re doing it at this level every one should slowly implement some sort of program as well. I’m looking forward to the off-season for the chance to add more velocity for next year.”

Ryan Buchter – Atlanta Braves, led AAA in strikeout rate in 2013 (103 strikeouts in 62 innings pitched)

“After spending time and training with Kyle for 4 days, I can see why all of his pitchers have made huge gains and stayed healthy. His knowledge of mechanics is second to none, and having access to high speed video allows for immediate feedback and more focused training. The training environment he’s created provides a nice mix of camaraderie and competition – whether it’s high schoolers or professionals, everyone is on a mission to increase velocity and command, while reducing their risk of injury. If you’re serious about improving as a pitcher, training with Kyle is a no-brainer.”

Jack McGeary – Boston Red Sox, 6th round pick in 2005 (paid 1st round money due to Stanford University commitment)

“I have been following Kyle and his work for a few years now and I finally decided to make the trip up to Seattle to see him. I could not have been more pleased with his work and information that he passes down to his athletes. Kyle is the complete package when it comes to pitching coaches and information. He is as well rounded as they come, anything from: pitching mechanics, biomechanics, kinetics, velocity improvement, arm health and strength training – Kyle knows it all. If you are a pitcher who is looking to get to the next level then Kyle is the coach to get you there, anything else is just a waste of time. I will now make it a point to visit and train with Kyle every off season.”

Ryan Chapman – New York Mets

Testimonials - What Parents and Coaches Think of Us

“Herbie started the program throwing 71 MPH in the fall of 2012. Kyle got my 16-year old son throwing 88 MPH after six months of training. Herbie never complains about arm pain, soreness, or fatigue, and can regularly throw 100+ pitches if asked to do so – and he’s throwing the next day without a problem.”

Herb Good - Father of Herbie Good, Auburn Mountainview HS (2015), West Coast Mariners (Perfect Game)

“When I met Kyle Boddy and interviewed him, I immediately knew he was what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge of pitching from anatomical terms to a thorough understanding of the published scientific research on pitching mechanics and related injuries. Kyle’s skill set as a trainer is way beyond what you will find at most batting cage facilities.”

Joe Mason – Father of Alex Mason, Shorecrest HS Pitcher

“It is not very often that I come across a coach in the pitching world who impresses me right from the moment I hear them speak. However, I was fortunate to have seen Kyle Boddy last year in a coaching seminar in Houston, TX and was truly impressed by his knowledge and research. I have become a true fan of Kyle’s writings and teachings through his Driveline website and even made a trip to Seattle to see exactly how he put into practice in what he preached. His training protocols and attention to detail are equally impressive and would not hesitate to send one of my students to his facility to learn from what I consider to be one of the best pitching practitioners in the baseball community.”

Jim Wagner – Owner/Operator of Jim Wagner’s Throwzone Academy (Santa Clarita, CA)

“I first saw Kyle at Ron Wolforth’s Coaches Bootcamp and was immediately intrigued. Although it was mid-year for us we implemented some of Kyle’s programming and saw great success – most notably taking an established and recognized pitcher from topping out at 91 to hitting 95 in his last outing of the season. We had multiple games where his fastball averaged 90 mph over 7 innings, a clear and definitive jump from the previous season. I’m excited to put more of his protocol into place for the coming fall and throughout the entire year. His concepts and training definitely take the next step in pitcher development!

Beyond the increased durability, movement efficiency, velocity development and general overall improvement the thing that stands out is that Kyle’s programming can be incorporated at so many different stages of development – both physical maturation and competitive experience. The plan starts from wherever you currently are and goes from there, tailored to your own needs. It’s what all coaches should strive to be but so often where we fall short.”

Desi Druschel – Head Coach, Mount Mercy University

OSU Header-Baseball

Kyle Boddy is also a pitching consultant to Oregon State University. The Beavers finished 2nd in Team ERA in 2014 and Ben Wetzler led all of Division-I in ERA with a sub-1 mark. Only one start was scratched due to minor injury throughout the entire year, while velocity was either up or held strong for all pitchers throughout the entire year.

Kyle also provides services to multiple MLB teams, consulting on matters involving the MLB Amateur Draft, MLB Rule 5 Draft, player development, and has assisted with front office mathematical modeling as well.

Now You Know What's Possible - Let Me Tell You What's Required

Our Elite Pitcher Program is not a camp, nor is it a session of a few weeks of half-hearted training. This program is designed for the serious athlete who wants to train year-round to become the best pitcher he can possibly be. We’re interested in the freaks, the guys who want to work their asses off to get to 90, 93, 95 MPH with nasty pitches that strike guys out left and right.

We expect our athletes to train in our Puyallup facility at least twice per week (ideally three or four times per week) and to train on their own in addition to our program. One of our mottos in our program is stolen straight from Fight Club: “You determine your level of effort.” The athletes that get the best results – like gaining 17 MPH in 6 months – are the ones who trained six days per week, despite playing games all year long.

Training on your own will include weighted baseball throwing, wrist weight work, long toss, mobility/flexibility exercises, endurance training, resistance band work, and other concepts. Equipment will need to be purchased and can be acquired from Driveline Baseball or our partners.

Our program costs one monthly fee and includes unlimited sessions of training. You and you alone will be responsible for how much effort you put into your training. Ready to dominate? If you are willing to give us your very best effort, we can help make you the best pitcher you can be.

If you’re a professional pitcher looking to gain an edge – or get back in the game – we work with an ever-growing list of professional pitchers, with at least 15-20 expected to attend winter training sessions from 2014-2015. Read an account of how we helped Casey Weathers rehabilitate his arm and get him throwing 96-97 MPH once again (and back into affiliated ball).

We have relaunched our Remote Training Program in closed beta. If you want to gain access, email mike@drivelinebaseball.com to request information.

Also, yes, we’re writing a comprehensive program for sale on velocity development, including a huge book and a series of videos. No ETA is available on this product.

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Driveline Baseball is located within the NW Sports Complex in Puyallup, WA.

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