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Agility / Power Training Set

Full Agility System: This agility and power training set is everything you need to get started with plyometrics (reactive training methods), agility, speed, and power training. It contains hurdles, cones, speed ladder, speed chute, and speed harness all in one package – and ships free from Amazon!

Progressive Plyometrics

Progressive Plyometrics: There’s no surprise that I love this book – Avery Faigenbaum is a co-author of this excellent text, who has excellent insights and training methods for youth athletes. Progressive Plyometrics comes with a free accompanying DVD and breaks each movement down to three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. By going through basic stages, you will learn how to safely apply simple and effective reactive training methods and plyometrics to athletes of all ages to increase vertical leap, fastball velocity, sprint speed, and general athleticism!