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Free Weighted Baseball Velocity Development Program eBook

Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers

Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers is our free eBook on weighted baseball development, featuring the use of Driveline PlyoCare and Driveline Elite Weighted Baseballs!

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The Dynamic Pitcher

Our comprehensive guide on training elite youth pitchers, this is a must-own for the Little League / Select coach or parent:

The Dynamic PitcherBuy The Dynamic Pitcher today!

Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Flagship Velocity Book

Our flagship book on developing velocity, Hacking the Kinetic Chain is a premier product that has been in development for six years:

Hacking the Kinetic Chain

Table of Contents
Foreword by Alan Jaeger

Overview of the Driveline System 
Stress-Response Cycling: Understanding Basic Physiology
Mechanisms of Adaptation: How we Improve
Constant Iteration: Train, Test, Evaluate, Repeat
Recovery is King: Staying Healthy is the Best Velocity Program

Assessing the Body: Starting from Scratch
Taking Inventory on Day 0
Assessing Pre-Existing or Previous Injuries

Pitching Mechanics: Developing a Deeper Understanding of Movement 
The Traditional Model of Pitching Mechanics
Anatomy 101: A Brief Overview of the Baseball Pitcher’s Body
Avoiding Emulation: Checkpoints and Comparisons
The Lower Half: Loading, Striding, Rotating, Blocking
The Trunk: Rotation, Stabilization, Flexion
The Arms: Separation, Pickup, Disconnection, Driveline, Recovery

Mobility and Activation: Pre-Throwing and Post-Throwing Training 
Self-Myofascial Release: Foam Rolling and Trigger Point Work
Dynamic and Static Stretching: Striking the Balance
Resistance Bands: Shoulder and Elbow Care
Wrist Weights: Overload Corrections
Oscillation Therapy: Dynamic Stabilization
Joint Strengthening: Isometrics and Compression

Strength and Conditioning: Physical Preparedness 
Understanding Strength: How to Train It
Core Movements: Getting the Form Right
Accessory Movements: Training Specificity
Endurance Training: Building the Right Motor

Throwing Program: Developing Healthy Velocity and Efficient Mechanics 
PlyoCare Ball Training: Positive Pattern Building
Long Toss: Auto-Regulated Throwing
Weighted Baseballs: High-Intensity Throwing Training
Medicine Balls: Heavy Ballistic Development
Pitching Work: Velocity off the Mound
Throwing Injuries: Red Flags in Your Delivery

Programming Cycles: Putting it All Together 
Evaluating Testing Data to Build the Roadmap
Seasonal Training: Identifying the Correct Strategy
Yearly Suggestions: The 10,000 Foot View
Sample Programs: Off-Season and In-Season

Nutrition and Supplementation: Fueling the Body 

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