Kyle Boddy is available for large group instruction and traveling seminars for pitching-related instruction.

General Seminar / Large Group Itinerary

Seminars and large group classes generally follow either a one or two-day structure, covering topics such as:

Introduction to Driveline Baseball, Kyle Boddy, and our training/instruction methodology


    • Detailing the perfect dynamic warmup for pitchers – how to improve mobility, stability, and flexibility while preparing the arm and body for the rigors of throwing
    • The merits of long toss, high-intensity throwing, and weighted baseball training
    • Understanding resistance training in the weight room – the dos and don’ts of heavy compound lifting
    • Self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques to improve soft tissue – reduce the chances of injury and increase performance
    • Plyometric work – when athletes should introduce high-speed high-load plyometric training into their workouts


    • What exactly are “pitching mechanics?”
    • Proper pitching mechanics – the very few absolutes pitchers must follow to achieve their goals and keep their arms healthy
    • Producing fastball velocity – how much of it can be attributed to mechanics, and what are the markers to look for
    • Reducing elbow and shoulder injuries – what mechanical flaws lead to increased load on the joints, and the risk-reward spectrum of tissue loading patterns
    • Integrating mechanical techniques to improve rotational velocity around the hip and shoulders
    • Using weighted baseballs to change the mechanical technique of throwing a baseball

Two-day seminars are highly encouraged, as one day can be dedicated to the theory of throwing/pitching a baseball with only the adults (and older athletes) present, while the next day can be entirely experimental, which will keep the youth athletes engaged and fully attentive. However, one-day sessions are popular and can be scheduled.

Kyle accepts large group instruction either at his Seattle baseball training facility, or can travel to destinations for a modest fee.

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