Driveline Baseball’s Elite Baseball Training program is perfectly suited for former pitching prospects and current organizational pitchers who have lost velocity on their fastball or who have suffered arm injuries, making them ineffective at the highest levels of your organization.

Aggressive Training for the Organizational Player

Organizational players may provide depth at the lower levels of affiliated ball, but don’t figure to create an impact on the big league club without injuries or issues with the major league roster. The risk-reward spectrum of training gives the top prospects and fast tracked players a good chance to stay healthy and improve, but the organizational player needs something different – a more aggressive training program that may yield the benefits he needs to contribute at the highest levels of professional baseball.

Doug Fister

Doug Fister

Doug Fister is an excellent example of this – once considered a strike-throwing soft tosser, Fister’s ceiling was at best a #3 for the Seattle Mariners. Through a hard regimen of lifting weights and long toss, Fister increased his fastball velocity from 87-88 mph to 89-91 mph, which is a huge jump. One is a right-handed pitcher who is clinging on to fringe velocity while the other is has average MLB velocity paired with great control and command – thus improving his secondary offerings, too.

However, for every Doug Fister out there, we know there are many more people whose velocity suddenly disappears from them – like Jensen Lewis of the Cleveland Indians. Lewis went from throwing his fastball at 90 mph for four seasons to completely losing it, reportedly barely touching 86 in the minor leagues before being released from AAA in 2011.

These players need more than your standard issue cookie-cutter training program. Players who are about to be released from professional baseball need to be exposed to different types of training they would have previously not considered in the hopes of restoring their lost velocity – and increasing the durability of their arm in the process.

Unparalleled High-Speed Biomechanical Video Analysis Services

Our Biomechanical Video Analysis services can replicate the vast majority of what the American Sports Medicine Institute’s labs can do at a fraction of the cost – and it’s completely portable. Our BIOf/x technology (in development) can be rolled out in a minor league baseball stadium to analyze the real-time pitching biomechanics of an organization’s players without the need of sending players to remote locations to throw in a lab. Our BIOf/x technology brings three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic analysis packages to the ballpark, and can offer pitching coaches unparalleled access to data that was previously considered impossible to collect.

BIOf/x Technology

BIOf/x Technology

A full BIOf/x report in combination with a physical screening can provide athletic trainers with the ability to develop a better and more effective rehabilitation program for injured athletes, but more importantly can help to keep top prospects healthy through prehabilitation.

Our high-speed cameras can also capture high-speed film from multiple angles for later review by the organization’s pitching coaches and video assistants, giving the pitcher, coach, and analyst seven times the frame rate of broadcast video.

Prehabilitation is the Answer

All it takes is a glance at the Texas Rangers employing Alan Jaeger’s long toss concepts and the Boston Red Sox filling out their athletic training staff with amazingly intelligent staff like Mike Reinold to show you that this field is where the next big competitive edge lies. With MLB salaries skyrocketing and draft performance being of paramount importance, keeping top prospects healthy is extremely important. Driveline Baseball has rehabilitated former professional pitchers and college pitchers with devastating arm injuries while working with physical therapists to get them back on the fast track to professional baseball.

However, without the benefits of high-speed biomechanical video analysis services AND an adaptable training program for athletes at different stages of development and ability, an organization will be seriously limited in their ability to effectively prehabilitate both the top prospect and the organizational player. Serious elbow and shoulder injuries were responsible for over 80,000 days on the MLB disabled list from 2001-2010 (source: Advanced Injury Database), and reducing this number for an organization would yield serious cost savings by placing players on the disabled list far less often.

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