Driveline Baseball’s Elite Baseball Training program is a great fit competitive college athletes – pitchers and hitters alike. Here are the competitive advantages we offer at our facility that are tailored specifically for the collegiate athlete.

Proven Track Record at Getting Players Over the Draft Threshold

Most college athletes have worked extremely hard their whole life to get where they are today, but still need a little bit more to get them professional looks by the scouts. Maybe it’s an 88 mph fastball that needs to be 92 mph, maybe it’s the ability to pitch a little deeper in tight conference ball games, maybe it’s the addition of power to hit 3-4 more home runs per year, or maybe it’s the last tenth of a second you need to shave off your 60 time to get a look in center field.

Driveline Baseball knows how to get you there. Kyle Boddy (lead instructor and owner of Driveline Baseball) has coached numerous college and pro players and have opened their eyes to training techniques they’d never experienced in their many years of playing high-level baseball. Here’s a testimonial from a pro ball player who played in the World Series:

Kyle Boddy understands the mechanics of hitting a baseball and is able to teach it more clearly than any hitting coach I’ve come across in 13 years of playing in the minors and MLB. While several coaches in my experience knew their art, they weren’t as capable at explaining concepts and breaking down the mechanics as precisely as Kyle, relating it in an easy to understand and teachable manner.

Even in retirement, I was able to pick up things just from reading a description of hitting that Kyle put together that I wish I could have had access to in my playing days.

His remote college consultation clients have played or currently play at schools like Loyola Marymount, Gonzaga, University of British Columbia, and the University of Washington.

His remote and one-time consultation professional clients have played for, have been drafted by, or currently play for the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies, the U.S. Military All-Star Team and numerous other independent semi-pro and elite summer ball teams.

A Deeper Understanding of the Biomechanics of the Swing and Throw

Driveline Baseball offers an unparalleled advantage for the serious college baseball player looking to make the jump to the professional ranks: Our Biomechanical Video Analysis package. Other facilities tape your swing and throw mechanics at 30 frames per second. Driveline Baseball offers the ability to film your mechanics at 210 frames per second. That’s a seven-fold increase in capture rate.

Think you can make the mechanical adjustment necessary to get you from 88 mph to 92 mph without this? Think again. Here’s what the arm looks like on a still frame from 30 fps video:

Francisco Liriano - Video Blur

Video Blur!

Here’s what it looks like in our lab from the side (with dynamic biomechanical markers added to the wrist and elbow):

Does your college or training facility offer this kind of insight?

An Adaptable Strength and Conditioning Training Program

College strength and conditioning programs are usually one-size-fits-all, or at best are split up between pitchers and position players. This not only can lead to decreased performance due to overly broad programming, but it can also develop muscle imbalances in both pitchers and position players, causing injury in the college baseball player. The last thing the college athlete needs to face is a debilitating injury that keeps him out of the lineup or rotation for a significant period of time where his spot is just waiting to be taken by underclassmen.

Driveline Baseball knows how to design a program for college athletes of all levels. The incoming college freshman throwing 82 mph with a 7.5 60-yard time needs a more aggressive program than the draftable junior with 20 home runs and a .400 batting average who’s looking to move up a round in the MLB draft.

Craig Kimbrel

Our programs successfully integrate hardcore strength/power training, speed/agility movements, endurance capability work, and corrective exercise to build the ultimate athlete. It does no good to have a big motor in the car if the vehicle keeps breaking down or isn’t reliable, especially on the biggest stage.

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