Driveline Baseball is the place to train in the Seattle area if you are a serious baseball athlete looking to make the jump to the next level. We feature a high-energy atmosphere filled with clients who are here to get the training they need to succeed.

In addition to the information below, here’s why Driveline Baseball is the right place to train for these groups of athletes:

Expert Trainers

Kyle - Driveline Baseball

Leading the training staff at Driveline Baseball is Kyle Boddy. He has made a name for himself in the area by succeeding as a local high school coach (Roosevelt HS) and by providing remote consultations for multiple prospective members of the 2008-2009 MLB draft class, professional players making the leap to foreign baseball, and implementing aggressive and effective training protocols for local high school and collegiate talent.

His understanding of progressive resistance training, pitching mechanics, power development, myofascial release, and injury rehabilitation protocols make him the perfect coach to see if you’re looking to develop elite bat speed and/or top-shelf fastball velocities.

Kyle personally develops and writes all of the off-season and in-season programming for every athlete at Driveline Baseball, leaving nothing out. His programs cover mobility/stability, strength, power, sport-specific movements, speed, agility, and total integrated concepts to get the best out of that particular athlete.

Jacob Staff leads our youth training staff. He’s an umpire for the Northwest Baseball Umpires Association and has volunteered for multiple Little League organizations throughout the city, building up a solid reputation as a great youth coach from ages 6-12 years old.

Praised for his communications skills, Jacob brings another dimension to the Driveline Baseball training staff that simply isn’t found in other training organizations – the ability to keep youth baseball athletes engaged and motivated to play baseball (and all other sports) beyond their formative years.

Fully-Equipped Facilities

Driveline Baseball is located at RIPS Baseball in Burien, WA. We have access to six (6) full batting cages equipped an Iron Mike that throws real baseballs (no yellow batting practice balls), a full-sized pitching cage, and a fully-featured weight training area.

We are the only facility in the Pacific Northwest (and one of the very few nationwide) that offers a full biomechanics lab to analyze a pitcher’s mechanics to the exacting detail. We use multiple high-speed cameras to recreate a three-dimensional model of the pitcher. From this model, we can create very specific training protocols to fix the red flags in a pitcher’s delivery to unlock fastball velocity and to mitigate injury risk.

Proven Results

Our program has been extremely successful at packing on the MPH on your heater or your batted ball exit speed. Here’s what Reid Martinez (starting CF and all-NWAACC nominee, Yakima Valley CC) had to say about us:

Kyle’s approach to baseball training is unlike anywhere else. He combines aspects of video analysis, scientific research, and weightlifting to make you the best player you can be. This research enables him to design workouts specifically geared towards what areas you are looking to improve and he does it in a very safe way that is about injury prevention just as much as it is about strength gains. The way he looks at the different aspects of the game allows him to objectively make decisions about what the best way to achieve your goal is. The environment in the cages and weight room is very supportive and everyone is always pushing you to get the most out of yourself.

Positive Attitude

Athletes who train at Driveline Baseball will be surrounded by a positive atmosphere where each person is rewarded for their hard work. Athletes push each other to improve regardless of age, background, or skill level. We only accept athletes who are interested in putting in the necessary work to reach – and exceed – their goals.

Partnership Program

Partners work closely with Driveline Baseball to provide the services needed to turn out healthy and high-performing baseball athletes. Driveline Baseball is partnered with the best physical therapists, massage practitioners, and chiropractors that understand the very specific needs of baseball athletes.

Driveline Baseball also works hand-in-hand with local select baseball leagues and teams to provide training to their athletes. Our staff works with coaches and other trainers to ensure that athletes are getting individualized programming to help them succeed on highly-competitive Seattle-based teams.

Affordable Training

Driveline Baseball is committed to making affordable options available to our clients. Semi-Private Training packages allow for multiple days per week in the facility with plenty of individual attention at a reasonable cost for the aspiring athlete. Additional private hitting, pitching, and strength and conditioning lessons are available at discounted rates for those who are already enrolled in semi-private training packages.

We also offer private pitching and hitting lessons to athletes looking for more hands-on instruction. Athletes enrolled in our semi-private training groups receive a discount.

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