The moment everyone has been waiting for (well, me at least) has arrived – our Driveline Velocity MaxVelo Elite Weighted Baseballs are now available for purchase!

Elite Weighted Baseball Set

Elite Weighted Baseball Set

And to celebrate the launch, we’re giving people 10% off until end of March. The cost for our high-quality weighted baseball set will be just $49 until the end of month, after which time it will go up to $55 – assuming we have any sets left!

This set includes the following weighted baseballs:

  • 3 oz.
  • 4 oz.
  • 6 oz.
  • 7 oz.
  • 9 oz.
  • 11 oz.

So, if you want to boost your fastball velocity by 3-7 MPH, get these today!

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Updated Weighted Baseball Training eBook

We’ve also updated our FREE Weighted Baseball Training eBook with research that we’ve done in our facility.

Go pick up a new copy and get to reading!

Free Weighted Baseball eBook!

Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers Ballistic Training Methods for Pitchers is our FREE eBook on weighted baseball training using Driveline Elite Weighted Baseballs and Driveline PlyoCare Balls in combination with Jaeger Sports J-Bands. Multiple Division-I schools and MLB organizations have used our first and second editions of this free eBook in their organizations, and thousands of other pitchers have downloaded it as well.

It’s a packed 19 pages of actionable information with no fluff and no urging you to purchase "the next big thing." The program just works You get a comprehensive list of specific training drills to do, when to do them, and how they work. There’s no guesswork at all, and everything is laid out in a chapter-by-chapter manner with specific cycles for each 2 to 3 week period.

There's no cost and no obligation. Grab your free copy today!

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