Here’s a few links to check out:

  • The College Athlete Bulking Phenomenon: Ben Brewster – an acquaintance of mine – wrote this article about his experiences as a freshman at the University of Maryland. He talks about the atmosphere that drove him to succeed. Ben has a long documented history on the Internet (dating back to 2007) where he was a 6’1″ 160 lb. 15 year old kid throwing low-70’s and turned himself into a 210 lb. beast of a pitcher throwing in the mid-80’s at a Division-I school in a very tough conference. I have an interview scheduled for next week with Ben, but in the meantime, check out his article. It’s an excellent read on where hard work can take you.
  • Elbow Injuries and What Causes Them: An older article of mine that is rather popular, it talks about elbow injuries in the context of Stephen Strasburg and how we might prevent those injuries.
  • Weight Training Programs: You Can’t Just Keep Adding: An excellent article by Eric Cressey that details why constantly adding stuff to your routine is a very bad idea.

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